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even when you cry you are beautiful to


it was 1985 and a girl named Shams was born in a small town. Shamsi was so beautiful that her parents were afraid because the girl had different hair than other family members.

others found this information strange that Shams had yellow hair. Shamsi’s father was afraid that his girl would be bullied because of her difference, but he loved Shamsi even though she was different. Shamsi’s mother, on the other hand, disagreed because she thought Shamsi’s separation was ugly. day by day Shamsi’s mother couldn’t stand her girl and left home because mother didn’t want a bad reputation because of Shamsi’s separateness. So Shamsi’s father raised his daughter alone and tried to be a good father to her. A year passed and the day came when Shams would go to first grade. Shamsi was indeed bullied at school and his self-doubt started with his hair. Always at home, Shamsi felt free. years passed and Shams was 18 years old. it was dark it was pouring rain Shams was late from home and Shams’s father was worried. when Shams was on his way home, he bumped into a boy named Josef, when they collided, they fell to the ground and accidentally dropped their phone. the boy was pretty and kind. but Shams was in such a hurry that he didn’t notice that he accidentally took the boy’s phone.

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